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To trade gold on blockchain your money also must be on blockchain.
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The Midas Rezerv vision is to be a leader as one of the first blockchain chartered companies, specializing in bitcoin 2.0 infrastructure projects.  

We have developed cutting edge technology to digitize and move on bitcoin blockchain, virtually any physical or electronic asset, such as commodites, equities, or currencies in the form of formally issued crypto tokens (aka coins). 


Midas Rezerv crypto tokens have all the technical attributes of a bitcoin, and transact over the bitcoin blockchain, but represents different assets. Midas Rezerv tokens can be used to facilitate easy P2P investments, trading, lending, ownership and property rights management, voting, payments, and more. We use the proven and secure blockchain technology as the main transactional network, which works outside of traditional financial or banking mainstream systems like SWIFT. The Midas Rezerv system is based on encrypted P2P protocols and costs a fraction of traditional fees charged for similar services.
Midas Rezerv can help you digitize and trade on the bitcoin blockchain various assets such as physical gold (MRGold); company shares (MRShares), or you can create own reward cryprocurrency and payment system for your business or industry through (MRMoney).  

Our team also has solutions to enhance and optimize the prediction markets industry by providing transparency and automation using smart contracts. In addition, our blockchain reader solution (Chainy.link) allows document management on the blockchain. Potential applications include legal contracts, patents, medical, government and other records to provide proof of existence, custody and audit.

MRGold coin offers fractional physical gold ownership in the form of specially issued on the blockchain a MRGold crypto token with the same attributes as bitcoin. Each MRGold unit represents and is fully backed by 1 gram of physical gold stored with third-party custodian vaults, located in Bangkok (currently open), Dubai, Vienna, Hong Kong, and Singapore (to be announced in 2016). Complete proof of custody, insurance and audit reports are regularly published online and on blockchain. MRGold allows a very low cost of entry and is convenient for crypto trading, investments, savings, lending, and payments.

MRShares is the crypto equity coin, issued per your company request, and designed to help with equity management, fundraising, and crowdfunding. MRShares is suitable for startups and existing companies alike. Allows direct P2P transfer of ownership rights, dividends payouts, stock options, and other common equity management actions.    

Do you want to buy bitcoins, MRGold or MRShares for fiat currency (local currency) but still keep business completely on blockchain? Midas Rezerv can digitize your fiat currency either in the form of cash or bank account balance into MRMoney tokens (e.g. MRUSD, MREUR, etc.) and put it in your wallet. We also can help you to create your own unique crypto currency for your business or industry, which you can use to reward your customers or use as payment method. Need your next "Gamecoin", "Hotelcoin" or "Mycoin"? Let us know.

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How can investors be confident that all MR branded assets (coins) shown in your MRWallet are real, and are actually backed by commodities, equities, or currencies? How can you confirm where they are stored and who guarantees its existence? 

The safety and consistent accountability of real assets that back up MR-Assets is the core principle of Midas Rezerv business. It is because of our transparency, we are able to verify to the public and customers at any time of the day or night that there is some real asset stored in reliable custody that fully backs up the coins you hold. To provide this total transparency, we make available to the public all documentation and records as a proof of custody for every public asset we create. 



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Midas Rezerv is one of the leaders in trading gold on the blockchain.


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Midas Rezerv Brings Precious Metals and Bitcoin Technology Together


Midas Rezerv is blockchain powered P2P bank with specialization in cryptofinance and cryptoassets.
Location: 555/52 SSP Tower 1, Sukhumvit 63, 20fl,Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Office : +66-02-711-7454

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